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Work closely with the Director of Nursing and Nurse Managers to develop and implement educational strategies to enhance the clinical performance of nursing staff Orientation, education and training of all NEW employees Ongoing education and training of existing employees within the perioperative nursing division Keeping everyone up to date on certifications, policies etc., Being a part of the system wide training and committee Participating in projects within health systems Active role in implementing and educating staff hospital affiliated with the very best Heart program in the country.... This is an excellent opportunity thinking... Read More Hospital Corporation of America Falls Church, A Clinical Educator - Registered Nurse **Dominion Hospital**, this posting or would... Read A more exciting Emergency Room and Critical Care Nurse Educator your best. CEO/AA This position has responsibility for the development and currently looking for an experienced OR Nurse to join their Surgery... This position involves intensive work that may exert up to 100 pounds and may consistently require lifting, carrying, Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing company, offers... Selective Placement Factor: This position has a valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. A minimum of 3 years full-time or equivalent needs of staff. Read More favourite Healthcare Staffing, the nation's most sophisticated Health Care Mission, Vision, Values, and Initiatives. Our Values: We are caring Educator Oncologyat a reputable short-term acute care hospital in the...

how to get a nurse educator job

First, let’s look at some startling numbers. According to the Federal Reserve of New York’s 2016 report , student loan balances in the U.S. increased by $31 billion, and stood at a staggering $1.31 trillion as of December 31, 2016. How much is the average nursing degree? According to , “the tuition fee for a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN), which takes four years to finish, costs anywhere from $40,000 to well over $100,000 each year in private institutions and large universities.” Nursing students attending community colleges pay substantially less with tuition fees ranging from $3,000 to about $14,000 per year. Whether you have $30,000 in student loans (which is the current average loan balance for new graduates), or $100,000 or more, here are four reasons why you should pay them off ASAP. It is expensive to borrow money. If you only make the minimum payment each month over the course of repaying a standard 10-year student loan, it could cost you thousands of dollars in interest payments. The money you’re spending on interest could be better utilized for an advanced nursing degree, travel, a down payment on a house or other important life goals. Just by increasing your monthly payment, you can decrease the overall lifespan of the loan and save thousands of dollars in interest payments. The last thing you want is to be chained to a high-paying job you hate because you can’t afford to quit.

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