How Much Does A Nursing Instructor Earn: What You Need To Know According To Industry Leaders

what do nursing clinical instructors do

Girl Engineers, Boy Nurses: MATC Works To Break Career Stereotypes Male students explored a different medical career each day of a week-long camp promoting "non-traditional occupations" at MATC. What do you want to be when you grow up? Gender might determine what images come to kids’ minds. So many fields are dominated by one gender or another that Wisconsin has a name for this trend: “non-traditional occupations.” Those are fields that employ 25 percent or less of one gender. The state keeps track, and publishes a list every few years. Leaders at schools like MATC say it’s their mission to shorten that list. The technical college wants to give both boys and girls a chance to try their hand at careers they might not ordinarily think of pursuing, and have signed up dozens of kids for summer camps to do just that. Mary McDonald (right) and her classmate tinker with robots at MATC. A pack of high school girls crowds around what looks like toy car skeletons at MATC’s downtown campus.

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